This two hour webinar came together very quickly in an effort to assist producers with the decision making process concerning water stressed crops in 2015. The feedback on the content has been nothing short of incredible. We owe a special thanks to Jim Porterfield who hosted the two hour event.

Much of what is shared by Frank Dean, Product Development for Lido Chem ), Ray McDonald  (CanGrow Crop Solutions ) and Jeremy Schulz  (ISS-NEW Owner of MegaMag Foliar) is NOT only situational to longterm wet feet, but good general advice.

Dear Friends of Curse Buster:

Son Daniel and I have elected to license the Curse Buster tillage technology to the Troyer Brothers of Berne, Indiana. Many of you have visited the fabrication facility and met Mark and some of his staff in the past.

Processing all orders will ultimately move through the appropriate channels at Troyers’. Dan will be intimately involved in helping them get machine production organized and moving forward on schedules which Dan and I have already discussed with many of you.

I will be assisting with sales and educational efforts.

So here are the ways of getting in touch with us all.

Mark Troyer phone 260-589-2244 office; email is

Daniel and Jim phone 260-918-0481 dialed from any phone to this internet based Skype phone

And for email contact use the same as in the past. For Jim either or  For Daniel email is

Thank you all for your continued interest and support, and most especially your prayers.

Jim, Dan, and Troyer Brothers

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