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8:00 AM on Monday, January 26th, 2015
Wells County 4-H Park
1240 4-H Park Road Bluffton, IN 46714

Overnight Guest Group Rates at Bluffton Inn and Suites

7:30- 8:00 AM- Registration, Coffee, Healthy Red Fife Wheat Goodies

8:00-8:45 AM- Welcome, Introduction and Overview of the Day

9:00-11:00 AM- Frank Dean, Chemist/Biologist; Lido-Chem Product Development

A Newly Emerging Paradigm for Soil, Plant and Human Health

11:00-12:00- Producer/ Expert Panels – Discussions and Q & A

  • Producers: Lester Graber, David Chance, James Lengacher, Wayne Reinhard, Brian Lehman, Driscoll Farms
  • Experts: Jason Hobson, Frank Dean, James Porterfield, Dan Pavich

12:00-12:45- Catered Lunch

1:00-1:30 PM- James Porterfield, CCA. Arise Institute, Researcher

Measuring Pesticide Impact on Plant Health

1:30- 1:50 PM- Jason Hobson, VP- Special Operations, Advancing Eco-Agriculture

Crop Health Labs and NovaCrop Sap Testing Technology

1:50- 2:00 PM- Break

2:00- 2:30 PM- David Chance, Chance Farms

  • Cover-Cropping in Row Crop Production Systems- Much More than getting something green to cover the soil

2:30-2:45 PM- Jeremy Schulz, Sales Mgr. Agriculture, Innovative Surface Solutions, Glenmont, NY.

  • MegaMag performance data and role in promoting Soil and Plant Health

2:45-3:00 PM- Dan Pavich, CEO Sustainable Soil Systems

  • Update on High Energy Freshwater Fish Hydrolysate product development

3:00- 3:15 PM- Daniel Martindale, Curse Buster Tillage Designer and Production

  • Mgr. at Soil Regeneration Unlimited
  • Technology refinements for 2015, production scheduling, etc.

3:15-3:30 PM- Jeff Peterson, Hoosier Sun Crush, LLC. CEO

  • Processing cold press non-GM Canola, Soy and Sunflower in NE Indiana

3:30- 4:00 PM- Jim and others, Closing Remarks and Q & A

  • What could the future in a world of “Bio-Rape” look like?
  • Prospects for Bio-Remediation of soil?

RSVP by January 19th to genesis.eight21jim@gmail.com or phone Jim at 260-415-7374. Lunch provided.

All of us involved in Curse Buster want to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and continued support. We apologize for the prolonged absence of our site content. Hopefully you will be somewhat compensated by the additional features and ease of navigation plus new and updated content that you will find.

We won’t bore you with a history lesson about the tillage concept that Curse Buster represents. You can find that in one of the pdf’s. Many of the graphics and videos in the You Tube collection are embodiments of several generations of the development of Curse Buster. Hopefully, another generation of advancements in design will be on the cloud to view by mid-February.

Please check our calendar often for field days, farm show events, seminars and meeting schedules, and locations of plots and self-guided field demonstrations.

We are adding a forum section to the website where you can ask questions that I and other members will endeavor to answer. No question is insignificant to seeing our mutual desires fulfilled for the advancement of sustainable agriculture.

If you are looking to buy or sell tillage technology which we can help you with, please refer to the For Sale section.

Lastly in this list but most importantly, visit our Missions section to find out how we are being blessed through our participation with folks who have a heart for lost and hurting souls here and around the world. Be encouraged that our God is on His Throne by finding out more about this part of our work for Christ.

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